Make Your Home An Energy Star! 3 Eco-Friendly Upgrades For Your Home That May Surprise You

Owning a home can be an overwhelming experience. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can be one of the best financial decisions of your life. From remodeling a bathroom to installing solar panels, incorporating eco-friendly updates is beneficial to the environment and your bank account.  If you are thinking of updating your home, consider these surprising eco-friendly upgrades.


Most building codes require a certain level of ventilation in the basement or crawl space of your home, but waterproofing is an additional upgrade that offers the following benefits:

  • Energy Conservation – Waterproofing your basement and crawl space seals all cracks and crevices to seal in temperatures. This will maximize your heating and cooling system’s energy usage and help your home remain comfortable.
  • Pest Control – If your basement and crawlspace is moist, pests will find the space more appealing. Waterproofing the areas will reduce moisture and deter rodents, bugs, and other pests.
  • Improved Air Quality – Water can easily enter the home through the basement and crawl space. This excessive moisture can lead to mold and mildew, which can cause severe health concerns. Waterproofing these areas of your home will prevent moisture and ensure the indoor air quality is safe for your and your family.


Investing in new windows is a large expense that can lower your energy costs, but adding tint to your home’s windows is a more affordable option.

Window film ranges in levels of darkness, as well. From completely clear to a smoky-gray tint, there is an option for every homeowner’s preference. Fortunately, each variation of window tint blocks 99 percent of ultraviolet light.

Since the ultraviolet light heats the inside of your home dramatically, window tint will decrease the amount of air conditioning you need to cool your home in the summer. In the winter months, your home will be easier to heat. In regards to energy savings, installing window tint is an equitable investment.

LED Lighting

To reduce the cost of your energy bills without decreasing the look or feel of your home, consider replacing each bulb with an LED light bulb. LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, offers a brighter light with less voltage.

Replacing each bulb of your home ensures an appealing illumination with 75 percent less energy usage. While this is definitely an eco-friendly benefit, LED bulbs also last 25 percent longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. To maximize your savings and reduce your energy costs, install a LED bulb in each light fixture of your home.

Whether you are building, renovating, or upgrading various parts of your home, protecting the environment and reducing energy costs offers tremendous value. Fortunately, using these surprising updates will help make your home an energy star! For more information, talk to companies like Florida Films Distribution Inc.

2 Services You Might Not Have Known Were Available From Commercial HVAC Repair Specialists

In addition to servicing heating and air conditioning units, commercial HVAC repair companies also provide other services. Air quality systems, which clean the air via filtration mechanisms, and geothermal heat pumps, which use the constant temperature of subterranean earth to more efficiently heat and cool indoor areas, are two other services that commercial HVAC repair specialists provide. 

Air Quality System Installations

Commercial HVAC companies can help ensure the cleanliness of air by using a number of different products.

  • Air Cleaners- Air cleaners filter contaminants out of the air either mechanically or electronically. Mechanical cleaners are placed at the mouth of ventilation systems in order to keep larger contaminants from entering the air. Electronic filters, which can be installed anywhere, are designed to collect smaller and potentially more dangerous molecules that mechanical filters cannot collect. Smoke, hazardous fumes, and bacteria are a few substances that electronic filters can remove from the air.   
  • Humidifiers- Humidifiers are also important for air cleanliness because humid air is more conducive to bacteria and other contaminants. To mitigate the health hazards of humid regions, commercial HVAC repair specialists can install humidifiers to remove moisture from the air.  
  • Ultraviolet Light Systems- Another way to ensure that work environments have clean air supplies is with ultraviolet light. Commercial hvac repair specialist can install ultraviolet lights in existing duct systems that eliminate germs and other bacteria filters might miss. 

Geothermal Heat Pump Installations

Geothermal heat pumps channel heat to and from the ground into indoor environments to more effectively manage ambient temperatures. This particular kind of heating/cooling system is more effective than traditional systems in a few respects.

  • Lower Electricity Consumption- The primary advantage of geothermal heat pumps is that they consume considerably less electricity than conventional heating systems while providing similar, or better, temperature maintenance. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, buildings equipped with geothermal heat pumps save as much as 70% in heating costs in colder months, and up to 50% on cooling costs in the summer months.  
  • Lower Maintenance Costs- Workplaces outfitted with geothermal heat pumps incur roughly 30% of the maintenance costs of buildings equipped with standard heating and cooling systems. Though installations are pricier than conventional systems, geothermal heat pumps can actually pay for themselves in relatively short time in lieu of such cost savings.

Though air quality and geothermal heat pump installations are not among the most common services requested from commercial hvac repair companies, they are certainly some of the most important. Need to know more? Contact a company like MG Mechanical Contracting, Inc.